What is DockDogs



Dockdogs is a fun, performance sport for dogs. “Central Coast Dockdogs is a dog loving, water loving, toy loving mob of people who get together for comps, BBQs and social days to give our dogs the time of their life on the dock.” DockDogs Events are held Regionally, Nationally and Internationally.

Most competitions are held in a regulation dock diving pool, while some competitions are in a natural body of water.


How it works

Most Sunday’s Central Coast Dockdogs meets at 66 Terry Road Box Hill, this is called Social Splash Days. Social Splash Days gives our club members and guests a chance to practice for future events or just want to spend quality time with their dogs.


Who Can Compete?

Anyone can come out to our Box Hill facility for off season training – training times are 2-4pm every Sunday during Winter and extended times during Summer – Register your dog and have a good time.

There’s no age limits for handlers nor are DockDogs events limited to certain breeds. Any breed, from the smallest Chihuahua to the largest Great Dane is welcome at a DockDogs event. Any breed…any size!

The only requirements are that the dog is at least six months old. Handlers must be at least 7 years old to compete. You do not have to wait until your dog is an accomplished jumper. There is always open dock practice time at each event and Club Members to help you.


DockDogs = Original dockdog competition, basically long-jump for dogs.
Dock = Jumping platform
Team = 1 human + 1 dog of teamed human
Jump = 1 throw + 1 dog jump + 1 retrieve
Wave = a heat consiting of two jumps
Heat = Wave (Same thing)
Park your Dog = Secure your dog to a designated check point.
Marshalling Area = The area to waiting at back of dock.
Class = Divisions
Big Air = Distance.
Extreme Vertical = Height
Speed Retrieve = Speed

Social Splash

Central Coast Dockdogs Club meet for fun and training every Sunday between 2pm – 4pm for our Sunday Social Splash.
Anyone and everyone is invited to unleash theirs dogs inner splash.

$25 per dog casual visit non-member
$20 per dog casual visit club member

Club Membership

Becoming a club member opens up whole new wolrd of splashing adventures with your dog. Discounts on wave fees, social splash fees and a heap more. Check out the Membership page for more details.

$50 Membership (1 human + 1 dog)
Additional family dogs $10 each


Regionally Competitions

Most DockDogs Competitions are based in Sydney at our Box Hill facilities at Farmer Dave Dog Centre. Individual and teams of two compete in three sets of waves (2 jumps each wave) and average is counted for different Classes (how long your dogs can jump into the water and retrieve putting object into handlers hand) and the highest average wins that Class.