PETstock Presents Central Coast Dogs in the Park

PETstock Presents Central Coast Dogs in the Park

The event will be based around our draw card attractions where locals can participate in all activities such as Central Coast DockDogs Club Competition or even Rescue Community Agility Race course and the ever popular Meet Alice the Dingo & Dog Races & Pet Adoption Day . Proposed activities for the event include dog sport demonstrations, Best dressed pet competitions, dog races competitions, dog trick contest and interactive stalls. The opportunity also exists to raise money for a dog related charitable organisation such Various Doggie Rescue.







Please register for  following list of events over the 2 days at Central Coast Dogs in the park event.


DateSaturday 18th November 17Saturday 18th November 17Sunday 19th November 17Sunday 19th November 1718th & 19th November 17
TIMEDockDogs ArenaCompetition Areana 1 DockDogs Arena2Competition Areana 2Agility Arena
9:00-9:30Bir Air Wave #1Bir Air Wave #5Dog Agility
9:30-10:00Most fabulous Senior DogDoggie /Owner Look -AlikeDog Agility
10.30 - 11:00Extreme Vertical & FinalsSpeed Retrieve & FinalsDog Agility
11:00-11:30Muscial HoopsDog Races - Small- Med - LargeDog Agility
11:30-12:00Bir Air Wave #2Big Air Wave #6Dog Agility
12:30-1:00Dog Races - Small- Med - LargeDog Got Talent Dog Agility
1:00-1.30Bir Air Wave #3Rapid Rampers - FinalsDog Agility
1:30-2:00Benefits of Pet Therapy - Presented by Central Coast Delta Therapy DogsBenefits of Pet Therapy - Presented by Central Coast Delta Therapy DogsDog Agility
2:00-2:30Rapid Rampers # 1Big Air Finals & PresenatationsBreak
2:30-3:00Fancy Dress Big Air Finals & PresenatationsDog Agility
3:00-3:30Big Air Wave # 4 Cutest Puppy/ Cutest Dog Dog Agility
3:30-4:00Try DockDogsTry DockDogsTry DockDogsTry DockDogsDog Agility
4:00 -4:30ClosesClosesClosesClosesCloses
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If you would like to register for the for following  days competitions. Please click on the following link as below.

Saturday 18th November Registration form

Sunday 19th November Registration form

Location : The Entrance Memorial Park

Start Time : 9:00am

Finishes :  4:00pm